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C-869: Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

Danielle's health problems began at age 3. It started with a swollen finger which required surgery to remove a suspected bacterial infection. which then left the finger stiff. However, it didn't stop there. Later her body began to swell. The pain was so bad in her feet and toes that she required medication. Then she started having headaches. A neurologist diagnosed the headaches as migraines brought on by stress from pain. He prescribed a sedative to calm her down.

A possible diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis lead to more tests and surgery by a world-renowned hand surgeon. Later another specialist (Rheumatotogist)confirmed the diagnosis. Thus, at age 4 Danielle's family was told she probably would get worse and by the age of 12 would possibly be confined to a wheelchair.

The family was “in a panic.”. The patient had lost weight and was losing more due to stomach distress caused by medication and problems with the nervous system. Danielle had missed over 30 days of school each year from pre-school to second grade.

Danielle's grandmother took action! Danielle was 9 years old when seen by the staff at the Kentuckiana Children's Center. A comprehensive evaluation was made, which included a spinal exam and a trace mineral analysis. Findings from these and other tests indicated a need for clinic care.

Within two months of clinic care (spinal adjustments and nutritional supplements), her headaches stopped and her pain was gone. She is not on medication. Danielle is 10 years old now and has a very active life. She is an accomplished dancer, plays the piano, and is an avid swimmer. She continues her care once a month care at The Center. Her loving grandmother attributes Danielle's improvement and upgraded "quality of life" to the Kentuckiana Children's Center.

— Tracy Barnes, D.C., D.I.I.C.P.


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