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Tourette's Syndrome and ADHD

Jacinda came to Kentuckiana with an initial diagnosis of borderline Tourette's Syndrome, borderline Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. She has a history of neonatal seizures and sensory integration difficulties.

Her physical exam and x-ray analysis revealed 8 areas of subluxation and multiple postural distortions. She had a slight spina bifida occulta at the SI level. Her trace mineral analysis showed a lead level of 7.2 ppm and an aluminum level of 15 ppm. Her nutrient mineral levels were abnormal, primarily in relation to zinc, iron and chromium values.

Jacinda has been a patient in the clinic for approximately 1 year and has shown improvement on all sides of the triad of health. Jacinda continues to receive adjustments to the upper cervical spine. Her headaches have decreased and her digestive disturbances are no longer a major problem. She has had no seizures. Jacinda's structure has been compromised this year by accidental fractures to the right tibia, fibula and acromion process. She has also had multiple ankle sprains following roller skating falls.

Chemically, Jacinda's latest TMA shows a lead level of 0.9 ppm and aluminum at 4 ppm. Her nutrient mineral levels have reached a normal balance. On an emotional level, it is very much apparent that Jacinda is a happier child who maintains a healthy sense of self. She is reading books now for enjoyment and has plans to attend college.
— Tracy Barnes, D.C., D.I.I.C.P.(June 1995)

Her Grandmother's Story
Jacinda came to live with us, her grandfather and me, after being neglected and abused the first 4 years of her life. I got custody from her mother because of a socio-economic situation. Jacinda's situation seemed hopeless since she could not trust a single person. She was sent to Head Start to perhaps overcome social ability problems, also professional counseling, which helped a little, but not much.

Jacinda was under so much stress, with so much anger and hurt inside, physically and mentally she could not heal. In this state she ate her problems away and then would sleep. Staying in the same system, not getting the support she needed in the educational department, Jacinda kept going backwards.

Finally we went to get a second opinion from a psychologist by the name of Dr. Lee Epstein. Dr. Epstein recommended we take her to Kentuckiana Children's Center. At Kentuckiana, along with her education, Jacinda also received clinical care which helped her physically. When Dr.(Tracy)Barnes and Dr.(Nicolai) Hansen (Kentuckiana staff chiropractic doctors) started to provide chiropractic care, Jacinda's attitude began to change. She became more interested in the clinic and wanted to be there more and more. Chiropractic has helped her back, and her PMS is less severe. She comes home happy, excited, and relaxed. The nutritional supplements help her allergies which were once quite severe. I feel the touching and adjustments are healing my granddaughter. She now has high self esteem where there was none, until Kentuckiana. I want to thank everyone involved in Jacinda's healing process.
— Thank you, Rose Jacobs.

Her Grandfather's Story
Jacinda started attending public school with the Head Start Program when she was 5 years old. It ended, by the grace of God, in August of 1994 when she entered Kentuckiana Special School. Jacinda's grandmother had the 3 of us in counseling together from the time Jacinda first came to live with us. Jacinda was 4 years old at the time. We slowly learned more and more about the problems Jacinda had, and tried as best we could to help solve them.

Meanwhile, the local school system refused to accept evaluations from very credible hospitals about her learning disabilities and many other problems, and continued to look only at the tip of the iceberg, which was her unacceptable behavior. I tried to help her at home with her studies and became very frustrated at my failure, until I learned I was incapable of teaching her because I was not properly trained. Before I learned and accepted that, I thought that either Jacinda was the dumbest child alive or I was the dumbest teacher ever born. But what really troubled me was I knew in my stomach that Jacinda was not dumb.

I became increasingly angry at the school system because of their refusal to acknowledge Jacinda's problems, except her bad behavior. In March, 1994, Jacinda's grandmother and I made a decision that it would be child abuse to send her back to the local school. This, is when God really took over and we were led to Dr. Lee Epstein, a psychologist. It took him only about one hour with Jacinda to detect her major problem for failure in public school. He recommended Kentuckiana Special School. We went there, she was accepted, and now we have a completely different child.

I do not know how they work the miracles they do at Kentuckiana but I certainly am grateful for what they do. Jacinda comes home every day SINGING! She has hope. I do know whenever I go over there I feel the love actually transmitting from the walls-all those beautiful colors. Jacinda loves everyone there. Everyone is so nurturing. Dr. Tracy and Dr. Hansen "puts her head on straight and pops her" is what she tells me. She loves her teachers, Ms. White and Ms. Harned. I can honestly say I have yet to hear Jacinda say anything negative about anyone or anything at Kentuckiana. She even loves the food and the cook!

We have always told Jacinda in her moments of despair that right now she was just a little piece of coal, but that diamonds were made from coal and someday she would be a highly polished diamond if she just kept trying. But Kentuckiana is really speeding up this process and it throws both grandmother and me for loops. I am so very, very grateful to everyone connected with this fine, fine Center. Something tells me everyone there has gone through some tremendous pain to be able to extend so much love.

This article first appeared in the Sept/Oct, 1995 issue of  ICA Review.


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